Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sisters Succeeding: Bryanne Lawless

Starting your own company is not easy- it takes hard work, dedication, and patience!  A firm believer in the power of cross collaboration, Bryanne Lawless has simultaneously operated 3 different types of businesses but with similar synergies that can be applied across the complete spectrum of marketing and PR. She has developed and implemented creative and unique marketing and PR strategies and proposals that cover industries such as hospitality, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Bryanne has extensive industry contacts developed through her regional experience of over 8 years with deep relationships within Southern California. She also garners an industry wide reputation of creating, organizing and implementing small to large scale events that complement client outlook and overall message. A Kappa Kappa Gamma Alum, she now is the Managing Partner of BLND Public Relations, Located in Los Angeles. 

The Sorority Secrets sits down with Bryanne to get the ins & outs of the PR industry, how to get started in the industry, the ups & downs, and her #1 advice to people that are getting into the industry!

1.    How long have you been in Public Relations?
I’ve been in PR and Marketing since I was a child to be honest. I’ve always been quite the talker and putting things together just comes naturally to me.

2.    What sparked you to start your own PR company?
I was working at a local newspaper and found that when I was speaking with clients buying ad space that they had no one helping them with getting the word out and doing PR/marketing for their companies. More than one of them told me that they would love help in that area, and began to ask for my advice. Huge companies had huge agencies representing them but there wasn’t a PR firm in the area representing the local brands.

3.    Who's your dream client?
My dream client is someone who knows what they want. Their branding is on point or they are willing to have us rebrand them. Branding and aesthetics are really 90% of your business now a days and it makes our job so difficult to sell and pitch something that we know is bland. People who often flip flop back and forth on ideas or never see something from Start to finish make our jobs much more difficult.

4.    What are your 3 must-have beauty products?
My Daily Routine :
Purity Face Wash – By Philosophy – My skin is always so clear and fresh with this stuff
My Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer –Never too oily and always keeps me moisturized

5.    What is your schedule typically like day to day?
one: Wake up around 7am to take my maltipoo, Benzo, out for a quick walk to the beach.
two: Head into the office by 9am
three: Conference calls, client meetings, pitching, writing, social media, Emails
four: Leave the office around 6pm
five: This is where it’s choose your own adventure:
    Option 1: Head to the gym (if possible/hopefully)
    Come home and pour myself a glass of red wine and maybe cook some dinner or order some thai!       Plop myself on couch and enjoy some RHOOC
    Option 2: Client Dinner or Event
    Option 3: Drinks/Dinner with the girls for a catch up sesh

6.    What are the ups & downs of being in the PR industry?
It’s a high stress job but the happiness that it brings you when you land a big press placement for the client or have an amazing event is undoubtedly worth every minute of stress. I always tell interns when they start that they will know within a week whether PR is for them or not. It’s not something that grows on you and it’s not something that you get over. You either LOVE it or you hate it. That’s it.

7.    If you can have anyone's closet- who would it be?
Definitely Khloe Kardashian. She is AH-Mazing! Like her, I’m also not the skinniest girl in the room so her stuff would fit me! I’d pick Kate Moss or Leighton Meister but I mean, Let’s be honest mama ain’t fitting into their wardrobes.

8.    What do you like to do in your free time?
Honestly I don’t have a lot of free time. I work A LOT. Having your own business is not easy! Any “free time” I come across is time that I MAKE happen. I love going on quick vacations. I was just in Cabo for 4 days and it was AMAZING.. .However even on vacation I find myself working quite a bit.

9.   Name 3 things in your purse that you can't live without?
MY Sapphire Credit card-The only thing I buy anything with.. I live for the points..Makes me feel less guilty.

10. What is your #1 advice for people that are going into the PR industry?
Make sure you intern somewhere first in college before you declare it as your major so you KNOW that it’s something you love. The business is hard and you really have to be passionate about it for it to work. There is of course things you can learn and grow from - but you really have it or you don't. And there's no point in forcing yourself to fit into someone else's mold.

Thanks again to Bryanne for sitting with us!  Feel free to reach out to Bryanne for any questions!


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